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We`re Firm Motion Studio!


We care about our clients, we leave everybody 100% satisfied.We offer a wide range of services including advertising, visual effects, animation and motion design.


Firm Motion provide Digital & Traditional Graphic Design, Branding & Identity, 2D & 3D Animation & Motion Graphics, Film Editing & Visual Effects & General Production services.


We create experiences that work together, work the same and work for our clients


Firm Motion is a Ukraine based animation studio. Our passion for animation motivates us to produce fantastic work that spans television commercials, video games, motion graphics, films and digital content. We seriously love what we do.

Our work is a mix of network branding, advertising campaigns, main titles, identity systems and big-picture thinking. We have a passion for creating compelling, thoughtful work, and we believe the process is just as important as the end product. Let’s face it – this stuff should be enjoyable to make, for everyone involved. We’re excited to share some of our favorite work, most of which was the direct result of inspired collaboration, ambitious creativity and a borderline-unhealthy level of perfectionism and attention to detail. ;)

Motion Design
Visual Effects

Our Team

Sergey Koznov

Creative Director

With a background in Film and Production, Sergey followed up his recent years of work in motion graphics and animation. He has a keen passion for visual imagery, and a major strength in 3D design and animation.

Andrew Shakolin

Lead Motion Designer

Andrew’s background originally started in print design and this has influenced his devotion to designing clean and easy to use digital products whilst always making sure that the form follows the function.

Kate Romanenko

Production Lead

Production Leader, hard-working, self-motivated, qualified leader in our studio. Kate is always looking into new technology to better her work and keep on top of new ideas, pushing the boundaries of her work.

"Firm Motion uses motion graphics to connect your brand with customers."

Kate Romanenko

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Some Fun Facts:

120 Cups of Tea
53 Projects Delivered
50 Satisfied Clients
5 Winning Awards


  • Motion Design

    Motion Design

    2D and 3D motion graphics and animation are our core business. Whether it’s a video showing off and explaining your product or service, a short sting introducing your business or brand, an advert for an event or product, we are happy to help you create a memorable video experience.

  • Animation


    Animation and design is a fundamental part of any business and we love creating not only static, impactful brand identities but we also always add a little extra spice by ensuring the logos we design come to life with animation.

  • Illustration


    Here at Firm Motion we love all things digital, especially motion graphics and animation, app design and web design. However we also have a passion for traditional design including magazine layouts, brochure design, business stationery and much more. Basically if it involves design we love to do it.

  • Visual Effects

    Visual Effects

    Not only are we skilled in motion graphics and design, but we also love making visual effects as well. We produce visual effects, shoot and edit client work to the highest standard whenever it is needed.

  • Sound Design

    Sound Design

    Producing voice over, music and sound effects and sound design. At Firm Motion, it is our aim to provide creative audio solutions, ensuring that clients receive the appropriate blend of creativity with production acumen.


Motion Design Demoreel 2013

Simply speaking, a showreel, or a demo reel of our work - 2013 year.

Montage ShowCase 2014

We are Proud to Present a Presentation of our Montage Case and Colour Grading Reel (2013-2014)



Training Advertising for TV

Hope you enjoy this vid! :-)

Russian word means "NO" until the end of this video (repeated many times) :) and then YES word at the end! Hope you get the idea : -)

Greetings! Our new site! Hope you enjoy it!

Kate Romanenko

Service promotion, Short Version

Mobile Service Promotion, Web Service Promotion for TV and Web

Teamwork is awesome

Teamwork is awesome. Short promo for TV and Social-Network

Nutella AD

Nutella Ad for Social NetWork

NY Coffee!

NY Coffee Best Coffee in the Worlds! Even Gods Drink NY Coffee!

Audio Greetings

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